Welcome to the Learning Design and Support Team!

Our team is project based and available to support learning design, learning technology, teaching excellence and professional learning at Fleming College. LDS is led by Molly Westland, Director of Academic Quality, Planning & Operations.

We work with faculty on curriculum development, teaching strategies and meaningful integration of technology into teaching practice. We’re ready to help you when you need it!


Meet the Team

Molly Westland,  Director of Academic Quality, Planning and Operations

Molly is a lifetime educator with a passion for high quality, innovative teaching. In her role as a nursing educator, she championed story-based learning technique, portfolio learning and clinical education techniques. Molly was the Accreditation Board Chair for the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing for many years and continues her excitement for quality nursing education on their Accreditation Advisory Committee.

Mary Overholt, Teaching & Learning Specialist

Mary is a Teaching & Learning Specialist who has worked in faculty development and curriculum development for the past 5 years. She particularly enjoys supporting faculty members throughout their development and continuous learning as educators. Her teaching background includes high school English and math, and Communications and General Education courses in the School of General Arts &  Science here at Fleming.

Jennifer Ramsdale, Teaching & Learning Specialist

Jennifer began as a professor in Fleming’s Massage Therapy Program, as well as, developing and teaching curriculum in the School of Health and Wellness. Currently she is a Teaching and Learning Specialist within the Learning Design and Support Team assisting faculty to create engaging learning experiences that are built on strong support and measurable success. Jennifer is excited to assist the development of learning communities at Fleming College and to find points of connection across disciplines and programs.

Kirstin Parry, Teaching & Learning Specialist

Kirstin has been a registered Social Worker since 1997 and a full-time faculty member with Fleming College in 2003. She has coordinated and taught in the Social Service Worker program at both Sutherland and Frost Campuses, taught across Community Development programs, and completed a year-long sabbatical with the Peterborough Family Health Team as Mental Health Clinician. Kirstin enjoys developing and delivering creative, authentic, and applied learning opportunities that engage students in their field of study and community. Through her new role as a Teaching and Learning Specialist, she hopes to support faculty with their own professional goals related to teaching, curriculum development, and student learning.

Victoria Maystruk, Teaching & Learning Specialist

Victoria has been a faculty member at Fleming College since 2010. She currently spends her days supporting both faculty and students as a Teaching and Learning Specialist and the Mathematics coordinator. Victoria is passionate about adult education, curriculum design and technology use in education.

Thomas Luloff, Academic Quality Assurance Project Lead

Thom is working as the Academic Quality Assurance Project Lead and is seconded from teaching in the Fish and Wildlife program and his role as coordinator of Common First Semester at the Frost campus. Thom’s teaching passion is in creating applied learning experiences focusing on teamwork and collaboration, in particular for students in first year, by using his educational background and training on alternative curriculum delivery methods designed to improve success and retention.

Melissa MacDougall, Academic Quality Assurance Coordinator

Melissa is a Fleming Alumni who recently joined the Academic Quality Assurance Unit. Her experience in business management and customer service drew her to this position and she has enthusiastically accepted the challenge of revamping the Program Review process. She enjoys working closely with the program teams to ensure each is relevant, resilient and fulfilling for their students. 

Jodie Black, Teaching & Learning Specialist
Alana Callan, Learning Technology Specialist
Troy LeGresley, Learning Technology Specialist


To reach us, you can

Email LDS Team icon email LDSTeam@flemingcollege.ca,
Phone LDS icon call ext. 1216,
follow LDS on twitter follow @FlemingLDS on Twitter,
 visit C1203 (next to the library) at the Sutherland Campus,

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