What is TurnItIn? TurnItIn is an Internet-based text matching software that scans submitted work, and compares it to material in public websites, academic journals and to assignments concurrently or previously submitted to TurnItIn. After scanning, sections of a submission are outlined in colour in an originality report. TurnItIn holds a database of all student papers previously submitted worldwide, current and archived internet web sites, periodicals/journals, books and other publications

TurnItIn will be integrated with our D2L online platform and it allows students to proofread written assignments through the software. The software will show students where plagiarism concerns exist within their assignments and will make recommendations on how to correct for it.

In this manner, Turn It In is proactive on addressing student academic integrity concerns and not reactive in simply imposing penalties.

TurnItIn is currently in the implementation process with Instructor training to be developed and rolled out over the course of the Fall term, with full implementation of TurnItIn completed by the beginning of Winter term.

***Please revisit this page over the course of the term to see updates on our implementation progress and to access training materials as they become available.***


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