Experienced Faculty

Experienced Fleming Faculty Member? Start Here!

If you are an experienced Faculty member at Fleming College we have some great learning opportunities for you!  We have synchronous learning events to help build community and make connections with other faculty such as our: 

Teaching and Learning Days 

These days have a theme related to the current state of the academic division at Fleming and the needs of faculty. Teaching and Learning Days focus on building community between individuals and departments and they support initiatives related to Strategic and Academic Plans. We encourage you to take part!

Teaching and Learning Days occur each academic semester during week 0 and week 8. Watch your email for the most current dates. You can access past recordings here: Previously Recorded Teaching and Learning Sessions.

LDS Team “Menu” of Sessions 

The Learning Design & Support (LDS) Team provides professional development for Fleming’s faculty members on a variety of teaching and learning topics. Chairs, Deans, and faculty teams are invited to request a session from our team. You can set a specific session time and invite your faculty members and/or invite us to attend a School or Program meeting. We can discuss an identified topic of interest with your team or help solve an issue your team is experiencing related to teaching and learning.  

Some topics on which we have provided sessions in the past and can deliver to your group include:

    • Teaching & Learning Boot Camp (designed to help new contract faculty members get started)  
    • D2L
    • Introduction to D2L
    • Creating Student-Centred D2L courses
    • D2L Assessment Tools (Quizzes, Rubrics, Gradebook)
    • Using Intelligent Agents in D2L  
    • Webex Meetings and Breakout Rooms  
    • Asynchronous Remote Delivery  
    • Synchronous Remote Delivery  
    • Universal Design for Learning  
    • Engaging Students in Remote Delivery  
    • Creating Accessible Materials  
    • Formative & Summative Assessment (for Remote Delivery)  
    • Setting Expectations for Remote Delivery  

Please note that sessions will be tailored to suit the specific needs of the faculty group. Have a topic that’s not on this list? Send us an email to discuss!  

To request a session, please email LDSTeam@flemingcollege.ca with the following information:  

    • Proposed session date and time;  
    • Session topic;  
    • Length of session (i.e. how much time will be allotted on the agenda if the session is happening as part of a standing meeting);  
    • Number of faculty members expected (including how many are new to Fleming/new to the topic);  
    • Any relevant context for the topic being presented or the issue being discussed; and  
    • A contact for follow-up questions from our team (i.e. the Chair/Dean, if the request is coming from the AAA). 
Male faculty teaching student using a whiteboard

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Asynchronous Learning Opportunities

We also have lots of asynchronous learning opportunities for you to explore at your own time and pace such as: 

    • Many D2L online training opportunities  
    • Faculty D2L Level One: A simple get-to-know D2L training course. Register yourself on the main D2L page in the Help & Information widget on the right-hand side. 
    • Alternate Delivery Course: This course was developed to help you with your alternate delivery course design at Fleming. 
    • The Teacher’s Lounge in Microsoft Teams 
    • LinkedIn Learning Click on Sign In > sign in with your organization > enter flemingcollege.ca > use your Fleming username and password. 
    • Coordinator Resources 

External Learning Opportunities

Here are some of the external pathways to more professional development options including conferences, online programs, and more… 

Searchable Directory of 1,700 Upcoming Education and Technology Conferences from Around the World

Canadian Conferences

American Conferences

International Conferences