Welcome to Accessible Education Services at Fleming College.

We understand that as a college student with a disability you have unique goals, strengths, and needs. We work to improve accessibility at the college for all disabled students so they can have a positive and equitable learning experience.

We work with students with disabilities to provide you with the accommodations you need to level the playing field and eliminate barriers. We will also connect you with the services you need to build skills, strategies and resources to make the most of college. It doesn’t matter whether your disability is permanent or temporary and it doesn’t matter what your diagnosis is or what your functional limitations are – we are here to help you access the resources you need to succeed.

Your right to access the academic accommodations that are right for you is important to us. So, if you don’t have documentation about your disability available or if you have not yet been diagnosed, we can put in place interim accommodations. We will work with you to get documentation outlining your functional limitations and your accommodation needs. We know that getting documentation or a diagnosis of a disability can take weeks and sometimes an entire semester. Timelines for getting your documentation can be worked out between you and your accessibility counsellor.

We provide services to about 1300 students with disabilities. This means you are not alone, but on the other hand, you aren’t just a number to us.

Our services are free, confidential and voluntary. They are firmly rooted in our commitment to respecting your dignity, integrity, and your right to make your own choices for yourself with respect to the services you choose to use.

To access these accommodations and services, you will need to register with Accessible Education Services.


All documents on this website are available in accessible formats.  To request a document in an alternate format, email disabilities@flemingcollege.ca