Learning Strategy Development

COVID-19 Update

The college is closed for the time being but we are still working. While we are delivering our courses in a remote format, learning strategies development is also being delivered in a remote format.

Developing the skills and strategies you need for learning in college is important for every student. The college learning environment can be fast paced, include multiple assignments, larger class sizes, and emphasize independent learning.

Learning strategies are the ways that you understand, approach, monitor and develop your own learning. Learning strategy development provides an individualized program to help you develop your learning strategies.

As a student with a disability, you may need enhanced support to develop and apply your learning strategies for college. If that sounds like you, you may choose to access learning strategies.

In learning strategies you can expect to:

  • Understand more about how you learn at college
  • Improve your self-advocacy
  • Integrate technology into your learning
  • Practice strategies for learning your course content
  • Develop strategies for being an overall effective learner

Learning strategies are a service you can discuss with your counsellor.