Assistive Technology Instruction

COVID-19 Update

The college is closed for the time being but we are still working. While we are delivering our courses in a remote format, assistive technology instruction is also being delivered in a remote format. The AT Quiet Lab is not available.

At Fleming we have a variety of software programs and assistive devices available for use by students with disabilities that can make some of your learning tasks a little simpler. Your counsellor will discuss these with you in detail to help you choose the technology solutions that are best suited to your learning needs and then will include them in your Letter of Accommodation.

Examples of software: textHELP, Dragon Naturally Speaking, JAWS, Inspiration

Examples of assistive devices: talking/reading pen, ergonomic keyboards and mice, digital tape recorders

If you and your counsellor add a software program or device to your Letter of Accommodation, that you have never used before, your counsellor will schedule an appointment for you with one of our assistive technologists. At your assistive technology appointment you will be taught how to use the software or device.

The AT Quiet Lab at the Peterborough Campus

Room C0111 is a quiet computer lab located in Accessible Education Services at the Peterborough campus. It is available for use by students with disabilities. You can use the software programs from your Letter of Accommodation here and there is always an assistive technologist nearby when the lab is open – 8:30-4:00 (hours may change during the semester).