About Transition Planning

When we say “transition planning” we are talking about the transition from where you are now to being a Fleming student. The focus of this transition is specifically related to your disability-related needs.

The transition is affected by many factors:

  • Have you ever been to college or university?
  • Do you understand your disability well enough to explain your learning needs to your counsellor? To your professors?
  • Did you actively participate in your IEP development in high school?

First at Fleming

All incoming students and their caregiver(s) who are interested in orienting to the services available through AES that support students with disabilities are welcome to attend this 2 part afternoon virtual event. The only eligibility criteria is that you are interested in knowing more about what Fleming College offers in the way of accommodations and services to support the transition into the postsecondary environment. Please note that you do not need to be registered with AES to join us at this event, all are welcome.

For information about First at Fleming and how to attend, click here.