Academic accommodations can be an important part of your success at college. Academic accommodations can help level the playing field for you.

An academic accommodation is an individualized adjustment to how you access or participate in a course or program. Academic accommodations do not alter the learning outcomes or essential program requirements. Academic accommodations do not lower the standards of a course or compromise academic integrity. You will learn the same content, take the same tests, participate in the same classes, you just might do it in a slightly different way. For example, you might learn the content through an ASL interpreter, use extra time to complete your tests, or participate in your classes on a reduced course load.

Academic accommodations are individualized to your specific needs and the program requirements. Some of the most commonly used academic accommodations are listed on our site. If there is an accommodation you would like to request that is not included here, please speak with your counsellor.

To be eligible to request academic accommodations, you must register with Accessible Education Services.