Reduced Course Load

College programs can move quickly and have many courses in a single semester. For some students, this design makes learning the material, keeping up in class, and juggling assignments incredibly difficult.

A reduced course load is an academic accommodation that reduces the number of courses you take in a semester. For example, a program might typically have 8 courses in one semester and a student on a reduced course load may take 4 courses per semester instead. It doesn’t change the learning outcomes or program requirements. It is a different path to the same diploma.

You can request this accommodation through your counsellor at your first accommodation appointment or later in the semester – whichever works better for you. There is no deadline by which you need to make this decision but if it’s left till the end of the semester (after the withdrawal deadline), you may end up failing some courses.

Students who take a reduced course load as a disability accommodation, may be eligible to have tuition fees reduced for the final courses needed to complete their program. Your counsellor will discuss this policy with you if you decide to take a reduced course load.