Test Accommodations

Specific to Apprentices (Red Seal)
Some programs have external licensing exams that students will need to pass in order to work in the field. Apprenticeship programs have a licensing exam called the Red Seal. If you need to request Test Accommodations for any external licensing exam, it’s important to talk with your counsellor to make arrangements because each exam has different requirements and forms.

Test Accommodations

Test accommodations are individualized adjustments to how you complete a test and do not change the program requirements. Test accommodations are necessary for students with disabilities when the way in which the test is designed or delivered presents a barrier for you to demonstrate what you have learned.

You may not need test accommodations for all your classes because different teachers design and deliver tests in different ways.

When your counsellor creates your Letter of Accommodation, she/he will discuss test accommodations with you and together you will decide which ones you may need. Some examples include:

  • Extra time
  • Quiet space
  • Spelling aids
  • Assistive technology such as textHELP, JAWS, Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Computer

In order to actually use those test accommodations you need to make arrangements for each test.