When to Register with AES

Registering with Accessible Education Services early is important. You want to allow yourself and your accessibility counsellor time to discuss, plan and implement the accommodations and services that are right for you.

If you are a new student or starting a new program:

Generally, it’s best to meet with an accessibility counsellor about a month before your program starts. But for students starting in September, August appointments get booked up. Accessibility counsellors meet with September intake students throughout the summer starting as early as May.

There are some accommodations like ASL Interpreting, Computerized Note-taking and Alternate Text Format, that take more time to arrange. If you think you will need any of these accommodations, please contact us as soon as possible so we can set up a time that works for you.
Email for any campus: CAES@flemingcollege.ca
Phone: 1-866-353-6464
Peterborough & Cobourg ext 1527
Lindsay & Haliburton ext 3232

Your appointment with an accessibility counsellor will be in person or by Webex videoconference – whichever you prefer.

If you are already in your Fleming program:

Email your disability documentation to CAES@flemingcollege.ca and the receptionist at your campus will contact you to book an appointment with an accessibility counsellor.