Instructor FAQ

How do I contact the AES Testing Centres?

Sutherland AESTesting Centre
Tammy Christie, 705 749-5520 x 1317

Frost Testing Centre
Sherri Crump, 705-324-9144 x 3205

I received an email from AESTesting advising that a student will be taking the test using WebEx – Why? (COVID-19)

Students requesting Reader/Scribe/TextHelp/Dragon software for a test will be scheduled with an AES Invigilator to complete their test. The test is arranged using WebEx software allowing screensharing/keyboard control for the Invigilator to read, scribe, or proctor the test.

My test has been set up with the Test Centre. Do I still need to review and complete the test information in the online AES Test Booking System? (COVID-19)

To ensure the test is set up in accordance with test parameters, AES does ask faculty to complete the test information when you receive an email notice of an accommodated test request.

I built in extra time into my test design. Do students with test accommodations still need to book their test with AESTesting? (COVID-19)

Creating a UDL test may limit the number of students requiring access to testing accommodations, but there are several testing accommodations that require specific arrangements. Students entering tests with AESTesting can be assured their requested test accommodations will be reviewed and arranged to ensure access on test day.

Why am I receiving emails daily from AESTesting?

Emails are sent to Instructors when students request to write a test with their testing accommodations.
Reminder emails are generated daily until you log in to confirm and/or edit the test details to administer the test.
An email is sent 2 days prior to the test date with a list of students who have scheduled their tests with AESTesting.

I built extra time into my test design.  How do I fill out the online wizard?

In Step 1 of the wizard, you input the date and time you are allowing your students to write their test.
In Step 2 of the wizard, fill in the Test Design information and check off Embedded Extra Time (UDL).  “Allotted test time” is the time you are giving your class to write their test. “” is the amount of time the students should take to their test.

I changed the test information for students who did not enter the correct test time – Now what happens?

An email will be generated and sent to the student and you will be cc’d, advising of the new day and/or time for the student to write the test.

I am having a hard time confirming my tests.  What should I do?

You can review the Accessible Education Online Services instructions using the help files or online tutorials.  If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact AES Testing Centres for support.

Why does everything refer to “instructors?” I am a professor.

We are aware that there is a difference between Instructors and Professors at Fleming. Unfortunately, the online system we are using doesn’t allow us to change the term “instructor,” so we used it everywhere to maintain consistency.