Bursary for Students with Disabilities

As a Fleming student, you may be eligible for the Bursary for Students With Disabilities (BSWD). The purpose of the BSWD is to provide funds for students with disabilities to pay for disability-related educational expenses such as updated psycho-educational assessments or assistive technology.

The BSWD is only available to students who are eligible for funding from the Ontario Student Assistant Program (OSAP). This means, that if you want to be considered for funds through the BSWD, you must apply to OSAP first. You don’t need to accept the loan in order to be eligible for the BSWD. We emphasize, to be eligible for the BSWD you only need to be eligible for the loan; it is not required that you accept the loan.

We recommend you complete the BSWD with your counsellor to ensure it is completed thoroughly and accurately to avoid delays. If you complete the BSWD application on the OSAP website, it will cause delays because the BSWD can only be approved if it is signed by your counsellor.

We strongly encourage you to apply for OSAP so you can be considered for the BSWD. It takes some time to process an OSAP application so please be sure to apply early. You can apply for OSAP here.