Alternate Format Textbooks

Paper textbooks don’t work well for all learners. Sometimes print textbooks can create barriers to learning. If you have a disability that impacts your use of print textbooks, you might need your textbooks in an alternate format.

Alternate format textbooks is an accommodation you can request in your accommodation appointment with your counsellor. The two of you will decide on what format is best suited for you and he/she will book an appointment for you to meet the assistive technologist. You will need to bring your textbook receipts to your appointment with the assistive technologist.

One of the most common alternate formats students with disabilities access is electronic formats that can be read by text-to-voice software such as Texthelp or JAWS. Braille textbooks is another format.

Depending on the book, the publisher, or the format, the time it takes us to get you a copy of your textbook in an alternate format can be very short (during your appointment with the assistive technologist) or very long (over a month). So, if you will need alternate format textbooks, or even if you think you might but aren’t sure, please let us know when you book your appointment with your counsellor.