How to Register With AES

COVID-19 Update

The college is closed for the time being but we are still working. We ask that you contact us via email or phone. If you will be starting at Fleming in May or September and want to register with Accessible Education Services, we need you to send us your disability documentation by email. Please, if possible, scan your documents rather than take a picture of them and email them to


Registering with Accessible Education Services at your campus is your first step to accessing academic accommodations and services. The registration process involves forwarding your disability documentation to the Counselling & Accessible Education Services department and making an appointment with a disability counsellor.

Here are the steps to register:

  1. Send your disability documentation to Counselling & Accessible Education Services at the campus you will be attending.
    Mail, fax or scan and email your disability documentation to Counselling & Accessible Education Services at the campus you will be attending (see below for contact information). If you aren’t sure what documentation we need, check out Disability Documentation.
    Note: You are not required to include a diagnosis in your disability documentation.
  2. Follow up with a telephone call to ensure your disability documentation was received and to book an appointment with a Disability Counsellor at the campus you will be attending.
    Contact the Counselling & Accessible Education Services Receptionist at the campus you will be attending (see below for contact information). Check to ensure your documentation was received and ask to book an appointment with a disability counsellor to formulate your academic accommodation plan for Fleming College. Appointments start as early as the first week of May for the fall term.
  3. Meet with your Disability Counsellor
    Prior to your appointment your Disability Counsellor will review your documentation. It would be helpful if you reviewed your documentation beforehand as well. At your appointment, you and your Disability Counsellor will discuss:

    • your documentation, if there is a need for additional documentation, and if so, how to go about getting it
    • accommodations and services that you have used in the past
    • the strengths and resources you have that help you in school
    • any worries, concerns or questions you have
    • the demands of your new courses
    • any possible aspects of your courses which may be a barrier to your academic success
    • what accommodations we can offer to eliminate those barriers

    Sometimes there are items that need additional time to complete. If there are items you and your counsellor do not have enough time to discuss in your initial appointment, you may need additional appointments.
    This could include:

    • completing the Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD)
    • creating an Educational Plan if you have a reduced course load as an accommodation
  4. Plan for Your Transition
    We encourage you to explore the following two options to assist you with your transition to college.
    1. First at Fleming:
    All incoming students and their caregiver(s) who are interested in orienting to the services available through AES that support students with disabilities are welcome to attend this 2 part afternoon virtual event. The only eligibility criteria is that you are interested in knowing more about what Fleming College offers in the way of accommodations and services to support the transition into the postsecondary environment. Please note that you do not need to be registered with AES to join us at this event, all are welcome.
    What is involved? Students will:

    • Learn more about the transition from high school to College and hear from other students and Faculty about their experiences
    • Become more familiar with their AES team amongst other supports on campus available to support them

    For more information, please visit First at Fleming found under the Transition Planning tab.

    2. Complete the Transition Module (optional for any student registering with AES)
    As a student with a disability, we encourage you to review and complete this module prior to your scheduled appointment with your disability counsellor. This information can help you gain a greater understanding of your unique learning profile and needs. Furthermore, it can help you in your appointment to implement the most appropriate accommodations. If you complete the module, please bring it with you to your first appointment.

If you register with Accessible Education Services, your use of disability accommodations and services will not be identified on your official record, test results, transcript or graduation documentation.

Counselling & Accessible Education Services Campus Contact Information:

To send documentation:
Counselling & Accessible Education Services
Fleming College
599 Brealey Drive
Peterborough, Ontario,
K9J 7B1
Fax: 705-749-5536
To book an appointment:
Jennifer Langenberg
Call: 705-749-5530 ext 1527
Toll-free 1-866-353-6464, ext 1527