Classroom Adjustments

While Fleming works to make every classroom accessible and usable for everybody, sometimes individualized adjustments are needed. Physical and sensory adjustments are available to students who, because of their disability, need individualized solutions to the classroom environment.

Physical Adjustments

If you are a student with a disability and your physical classroom environment or workstation needs adjustments, you can request accommodations.

You may need a specific type of chair, an ergonomic assessment, specialized equipment, or adjustable desk. You can discuss and request accommodations with your counsellor.

Sensory Adjustments

Mobility needs are the most common reason why we provide classroom or work station adjustments as accommodations. However, there are other times when it is appropriate. We have provided this accommodation for students with scent sensitivities and autism spectrum disorders with sensory concerns. If your classroom is making it difficult or impossible to learn, this is something to discuss with your counsellor so the two of you can find a solution.