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Fall Course Shells are ready for Instructor access

This message is sent on behalf of the Learning Design and Support Team

The course shells in D2L are ready for faculty access.

Faculty are encouraged to get their courses ready prior to the semester in the following ways:

  • Copy course content into your Fall 2018 course shells using these instructions. If you are NOTable to copy content into your course, you can request the content be rolled over by sending an email to
  • Add the link to the approved course outline (instructions)
  • Edit and/or update course materials including release dates for content and assessments (instructions)
  • Add a welcome message via the News tool to your course page (instructions– go to item #5 for how to use the news tool in your courses)
  • Create attendance records (instructions)
  • Check out the Virtual Classroom! Allows you to host an interactive session/class remotely (with presentation, whiteboard, chat, video and audio), host virtual office hours OR host facilitated discussions, text/assignment prep. Check out the details! (instructions)

All D2L help and tip sheets are located right on the D2L homepage.

If you’re logging in to D2L for the first time or for the first time in a while, you might notice what appear to be some significant changes. Don’t panic! This is an update that is almost exclusively cosmetic. The functionality of D2L and the tools we use remain intact.

The most pressing issue is that you might not see any courses listed when your first login. Don’t panic! All you need to do is “pin” the courses that you access most often. To do this, simply click “View All Courses” and then search by name and/or course number. To pin, hover over the top right-hand corner of the course tile, single click on the three white dots, and then click “pin.” Now that it’s pinned, it will be there at the top whenever you login.

Have a great semester!

The LDS Team