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Absences and Retroactive Accommodations

The Absences and Retroactive Accommodations memorandum provides information on the the recently approved Class Absence Operating Procedure, and the process designed to address the College’s requirement to comply with the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s ruling regarding “Medical Documentation Guidelines and Accommodation” which includes retroactive accommodations.

Workspace for PT Faculty

If you are new PT faculty you are not assigned an office, however there are rooms equipped with computers and desks you can use as your working space.


  • Room 155A (4 stations)
  • Room 155B (14-17 stations)

You will need a key to get in both rooms. Please contact Cristina Sad at to arrange a key for you.

When these rooms are at maximum capacity, faculty can also use the Learning Commons


  • Room A1101 (10 stations) – You will need a key to get in. Please contact Cristina Sad at to arrange a key for you if your classes are outside office hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)  or you can get a spare key from Cristina in the School Office in B3325 – This key must be returned to the office).

When A1101 is at maximum capacity, faculty can also use the Learning Commons.

One-on-one meetings with students

If you need to meet with a student and require a private space, you can book a room by visiting Sutherland Room and Event Bookings at the Physical Resources website or Frost Room and Event Bookings.

If you need help finding space for last-minute meetings, please contact Cristina Sad at or ext. 1637.

Tutoring and Academic Skills

*** A message from Angie Premate to all Faculty***

In an attempt to expand student accessibility to tutoring services, the Tutoring and Academic Skills Centre launched a new on-line tutoring registration system called “WC-online”.  WCONLINE is an online, web-based, scheduling system where students are able to make real time appointments with a tutor from the college, with their smart phones or from the convenience of home.  WC allows a student twenty-four hour access to the Tutoring Centre by logging into WC-online at   A student registers, browses available times for a tutor specializing in a particular course, and with a key stroke, books a tutoring session with a tutor.

This semester we are also continuing with our drop-in tutoring times for Math and Writing where no appointment is needed.  Non-judgemental support is provided for all stages of the Math and Writing process, from concept to completion, in all disciplines across the College. Tutors strive to assist students in becoming confident writers and competent in the fundamentals of Math.

If  you would like more information or a personal demonstration for yourself or your class, or to arrange a tour of the Tutoring and Academic Skills Centre, please contact Angie Premate at or ext. 1607 to arrange.   Staff and students are also welcome to drop down to our area room C1 203 (next to the Library) for further information. Drop-In Schedule at Sutherland Campus Fall 2016

First Day of Classes – September 6, 2016


First Semester Students – No regular classes will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 6 but orientation sessions are planned. Please click here for the schedule of events.

Returning Students – No classes on Tuesday, Sept. 6 but you are welcome and encouraged to attend orientation including the free live concert on the sport fields. Please click here for the schedule of events. Regular classes will start on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

*NOTE: Personal Support Worker returning students will attend clinicals as scheduled on Tuesday, Sept. 6. Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant returning students will have a program session on Tuesday, Sept. 6 so please watch for communication from your Program Coordinator for specific information.


All Students in all programs – Orientation is Monday, Sept. 5 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the campus. Classes start on Tuesday, Sept. 6 as per your timetables.


First Semester Students – Classes begin on Tuesday, Sept. 6  with events and activities held around regularly scheduled classes in some programs. Please click here for more information on week one of your program.

Returning and Direct Entry Students – Classes start on Tuesday, Sept. 6  as per your timetables.  Please check camp/field school information if applicable and your Fleming email for updates from Program Coordinators and faculty.

Orientation Schedule

Download the General Arts and Sciences-Academic Schedule-Sept 2016.

As a reminder to all classes for all first and upper semester students are cancelled on Tuesday, September 6th to accommodate orientation activities. Please note that there are some location changes from previous years to the agenda.

Tshirts will be provided for Fleming KO student volunteers only. If you have students who are volunteering for your unique school activities in the morning, they will not be given a Fleming KO shirt, however we are still looking for volunteers so if students would like to volunteer for the KO events taking place after your school academic orientation, they can sign up here.