Not able to meet in person? WebEx is a tool that allows users to host or participate in video conferencing, online meetings, and screen sharing, with up to 1,000 participants allowed in a virtual meeting room. Meetings can be joined in a number of ways via the WebEx desktop app installed on internal Fleming College computers, but also through web and mobile apps.

The Fleming WebEx web app allows you to join meetings right from your browser, however you may be asked to install a browser plugin in order to share content with other participants.

You also have the option to download a desktop application that can be used to join meetings without the need to visit the website.

Best Practices

  • Ensure your computer desktop is clean of sensitive and/or confidential documents before planning to share your screen in a WebEx meeting
  • Determine a set schedule of sessions (date and time) and post set schedule of sessions as a news item in D2L.
  • Hold session one as a practice session for all students and the faculty member to explore Webex and learn how to navigate it, without instructional goals.
  • Use the same personal Webex room for every meeting rather than scheduling different meetings each time. See your Webex app for your room link:
    • FORMAT: https://flemingcollege.webex.com/meet/firstname.lastname
  • For confidential meetings, either “lock” your personal Webex room once all attendees have arrived, or schedule a Webex session instead of using your personal room.
  • IMPORTANT: Inform students at the beginning of each WebEx session that:
    • The session is being recorded and may be shared to D2L
    • They have the option of muting their microphone to ensure their privacy during the recording
    • They have the option of turning off their video to ensure their privacy during the recording
  • Use the ‘record’ icon within Webex to record each session and choose to save recording to the cloud.
  • Retrieve Webex recording link by logging into WebEx Online account (https://flemingcollege.webex.com/) and post as a link within your D2L course shell.
  • There may be a delay between stopping recording and when the video sharing link is available on your Webex account
  • Update students on schedule changes using news items to ensure all are aware of changes.


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