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Parking and traffic related bulletins.

Parking Changes 2018

The following changes and updates have been made to Parking at Frost and Sutherland Campuses effective 01 September 2018.

Sutherland Campus

  • General updates to the regulations have been made related to the online system.
  • Accessible and Accommodated Parking (Appendix G) has been updated to clarify the types and time limits.
  • Premium Parking in the Shipping/Receiving Lot has been eliminated due to the relocation of Portable 1. Permit holders from this lot were moved to Maple Lot last year due to construction. These permits will remain Maple Lot unless you request a change at the Information Booth.
  • DriveGreen Permits (Spruce Lot) now have a limit of 4 hours charging time at the three charging stations. After 4 hours drivers must move to another DriveGreen Space in Spruce Lot to allow others the opportunity to charge their vehicles.

Frost Campus

  • General updates to the regulations have been made related to the online system.
  • Accessible and Accommodated Parking (Appendix G) has been updated to clarify the types and time limits.
  • Premium Parking spaces have been added to several areas (Small Lot By Loading Dock, Small Lot By Drilling, Around the Wind Turbine).

Parking Update – Sutherland

Sutherland Campus Students & Employees,

Parking Services is pleased to provide this general update about changes coming to Parking at Fleming College for the 2015-2016 Academic Year. Further communications about each of the items listed below will also be sent out as required.

Parking Permit Fees

Our current permit rates are consistent with the averages for Colleges our size and across the College system in general. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that there will be NO INCREASE in parking fees for the 2015-2016 Academic Year.

Service Improvements – Planned and Underway

1.       Parking Management Software
– Process is underway to purchase this software
– Planned implementation for Fall Semester of 2015
– This will improve customer service by providing the following online services:
a. Purchase of parking permit
b. Violation Notice appeals
c. Add/Drop to Waiting lists
d. Add/Drop vehicles from your permit

2.       Pay & Display Machines
– Upgrades are underway that will streamline guest and event parking
– These upgrades will also allow better tracking of lot usage throughout the day
– Additional machines will be added to several more parking lots to allow visitors and those students and staff that drive infrequently to pay per day for parking rather than purchase a permit.

3.       Traffic Flow
– All gates will be removed from Sutherland lots by the end of July 2015.
– This measure will  relieve traffic issues during peak arrival and departure times
– A second entrance only to Aspen Lot will be added to relieve congestion at the 4 way stop
– Signs that indicate the number of parking spaces available in each lot are scheduled to be installed at the entrance to each lot and at key intersections to assist with decision making about where to park and improve traffic flow.
– The removal of the gates will make it imperative for all students and staff to ensure that all vehicles that they park on campus are registered to their permit. Unregistered vehicles will be ticketed.

4.       Hanging Tags
– Those students and employees with a current, valid parking access card must exchange it at the Information Booth for a Hanging Tag Permit no later than 17 July 2015. Vehicles parked on campus without a valid hanging tag or pay and display stub will be ticketed as of 20 July 2015.
– Employees that travel between campuses with an Intercampus Hanging Tag will be required to park in a regular parking lot rather than in Visitor Lots effective 31 August 2015.
– Employees on vacation/sabbatical that do not receive this email and are issued a parking ticket when they return will have that ticket cancelled as long as they come to the Information Booth with the ticket when they pick up their new hanging tag. Multiple tickets will not be cancelled.

5.       Motorcycle Parking
– Effective 01 August 2015, if you have an Economy, General or Premium parking permit you can park your motorcycle in lieu of your regular vehicle in a regular space in the lot where you normally park or you can park in the Motorcycle Parking Area in Ash Lot. You must register your motorcycle as one of the vehicles attached to your parking permit.
– If you don’t have a parking permit you are required to purchase a Motorcycle Only Permit and must park your motorcycle in the Motorcycle Parking Area located in Ash Lot.

6.       Premium Parking Spaces
– Additional Premium Parking spaces have been added to the Receiving Laneway and were issued to current Premium Permit Holders who expressed an interested in moving to these spaces via a lottery.
– The Premium Parking Spaces in Maple & Spruce Lots vacated by those that moved to Receiving Lane will be made available and will be sold in the following priory order:
a. Persons on the Premium Permit waiting list will be contacted and offered the option to
purchase first.
b. Campus community members that currently have an Economy or General Permit will be
offered the opportunity to upgrade to Premium Parking if there are any spaces available
after those on the waiting list have made their purchase.

7.       Lighting Upgrades
– All lighting in the parking lots will be upgraded to LED by Fall 2015
– This will provide more energy efficient light that requires less maintenance

8.       Parking Email Address
– An email address specific to parking was created last year and will be fully implemented this Fall
– All questions, concerns or special parking requests should be directed to
– This email address is monitored by several Info Booth Staff at Frost & Sutherland which will allow response to your query in a reasonable time regardless of who is on vacation.

CELE Scenarios – Frost Campus

Frost Campus Students & Employees,

The Conservation & Environmental Law Enforcement Program will be conducting scenarios at the Frost Campus on Friday in Parking Lot D and in the overflow parking area near the Recreation Center on Friday, 20 March 2015.

Please drive with caution in these areas during the scenarios. Some parking spaces will not be available during the scenarios and you should be prepared to park in another location.

Parking Reminder

Sutherland & Frost Campuses

Complimentary parking for Week 1 ends at 10:00pm today. If you have not purchased a parking permit yet please do so today. The Parking Regulations have been updated this year and regular parking enforcement starts on Monday, 08 September.

You can purchase a parking permit Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm at the Information Booth at Frost and Sutherland Campuses.

Guest & Special Event Parking

The regulations for Special Guest and Event Parking have been updated and are available as Appendix E of the full Parking Regulations. Here is a summary of some of the changes:

  • Special Event Parking must be arranged ahead of time through the Information Booth or Facilities Department.
  • It may be necessary to charge a service fee to the hosting department or organization to cover the cost of lost parking revenue and/or the cost of additional security.
  • Complimentary parking for guest speakers and other dignitaries must be approved by the Manager, Public Safety & Parking.
  • Complimentary parking shall normally only be extended to those persons that are volunteering their time with a College department or school.

Sutherland Parking Lot Changes

As part of the way finding improvement project all parking lots at the Sutherland Campus have been renamed and new signs are being installed. The opening of the KTTC Building in the fall has also led to some changes in parking lot designations.

Here is a summary of the changes:

A Lot Spruce Pay & Display, Accessible & Green Parking
B Lot Ash General Permit Parking Only – No Coin Access
C Lot Maple Premium Permit Parking Only – No Coin Access
D Lot Aspen General Permit & Daily Pay Parking – Coin Access
E Lot Oak General Permit & Daily Pay Parking – Coin Access
F Lot Birch General Permit & Daily Pay Parking – Coin Access
G Lot Cedar General Permit & Daily Pay Parking – Coin Access
H Lot Beech Economy Permit Parking Only – No Coin Access
R Lot Pine Residence Permit Parking Only – Limited Pay & Display


Sutherland Parking Notice – 11 July 2014

Welcome Days at Sutherland are 14, 16 & 18 July so there will be increased traffic and parking volume on campus those days. Some gates will be opened to accommodate our guests.

Maintenance work will be done on the parking lot gates on 15 & 17 July. During this work some lanes will be blocked for the safety of the workers. While work is being done the gates will be opened to accommodate entrance and exit. Please exercise caution when workers are in the area.