Class Cancellations & Campus Closures

Fleming College is committed to the safety of all members of the College Community as well as visitors and guests to our campuses.

The College is also committed to maintaining the integrity of our academic programs and work environment and will endeavour to maintain operations as long as doing so does not pose an unreasonable risk to the safety of our students or employees.

No protocol or procedure can possibly cover every potential situation or specific circumstance. All members of the College Community are expected to exercise their own judgement, based on their personal circumstances, regarding whether it is safe for them to travel to campus during inclement weather.

Click on the links below to download an information sheet about Class Cancellations and Campus Closures. The information provided here is a guide for the College Community when making business related or personal decisions about cancelling classes, closing a campus or traveling to campus during an emergency or weather event.

Class cancellation and closure protocol