Card Access – FAQs

As part of the College response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Card Access Systems in A Wing and D Wing at Sutherland and some exterior doors at Frost have been converted to work with the new One Card Student and Employee Photo Identification System. The card access system (Chubb) in B Wing at Sutherland is still in place and has not been converted to One Card yet.

While our Card Access Systems and One Card are compatible, they are not the same system. Just because you are issued a One Card does not automatically mean that it will unlock doors for you. The following FAQs will explain how to get your One Card to unlock doors, where authorized:

Will my old Access Card still work?
– A Wing & D Wing – No, all access cards issued before 01 July 2020 for have been disabled.
– B Wing – Yes, the Chubb Card system in B Wing is still active and your card should still work
– You can return any old cards to the Information Booth when you are next on campus.

What doors will my card open?
– Cards are programmed based on the access required for your role.
– Access levels were assigned based on your previous access level (if you had one).

Will my card grant access to the building when it is locked?
– Students and Employees are not permitted inside the building outside of the established building hours so cards will not unlock exterior doors outside of building hours.
– Some specific employees (Security, Maintenance, IT Services) do have access outside normal building hours to respond to emergencies.
– As part of the COVID-19 Screening & Access For Everyone (SAFE) Entry protocol, employees may have their access cards programmed to unlock specific exterior doors so they can access the building if approved by their manager.

What do I do if my card won’t open all the doors I need to access?
– Ask your Manager/Dean/Chair to enter a Work Order to request a change to your access card authorizations. Work Order System Link:

What do I do if my card doesn’t work at all?
– Check all the doors that your card should open to verify the extent of the issue.
– Email and copy your manager so we can troubleshoot the problem.
– Once we determine the issue we will reply with a solution, which may include getting a new card

What should I do if I lose my card?
– Please report your lost card to the Information Booth or Campus Security at extension 8000 as soon as you realize it is missing.
– The card can be cancelled to that it will not grant access. If you find it later it can be reinstated.