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Our Objectives:

Campus Security has been tasked with the following objectives:

  • To prevent crime, maintain the peace, resolve conflicts and promote good order;
  • To respond to emergencies and provide assistance to all persons;
  • To provide effective security for the assets of Fleming College;
  • To ensure College policies and regulations are followed;
  • To protect persons and property by developing proactive programs that promote safety and security
  • To investigate suspected criminal activity and to apprehend offenders in cooperation with local police services;
  • To enforce the Criminal Code and applicable Provincial and Municipal Statutes and other legislation as necessary;
  • To co-ordinate the installation, maintenance and operation of effective security systems for emergency notification, access control and alarm monitoring.

Our Values:

Campus Security is accountable to its community and is guided by the following principles and values:

  • Respect for the dignity, privacy, worth and diversity of all persons
  • Fair and impartial treatment of all individuals;
  • Equality of access and protection of constitutional rights and liberties;
  • Reliability, competence, accountability, teamwork and open communication.
  • An approach to campus security that welcomes and encourages community involvement and promotes safety and security as a shared responsibility.

Our Services:

  • Uniformed guards patrol the campus 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Safe Walk Service is available on request to walk with you from place to place
  • Battery Booster Pack is available at the Information Booth for sign out if needed
  • Safety Phones are located throughout the campus buildings and along exterior paths
  • Security cameras are located through the buildings to deter theft and illegal behaviour
  • Text messages through the Peterborough Police My Beat message system are available
  • Personal Safety Videos are posted to YouTube to provide students and staff information
  • Emergency Procedures are posted in public areas, washrooms, classrooms and lockers
  • Emergency Procedure Pamphlets are available at the Information Booth if required
  • An Emergency Notification System inside College buildings can provide important updates during emergencies