FAQs – Violence Response Drill

One purpose of a drill is to get people thinking about what they would do during an actual emergency given the space they are in at the time.

During the 10 minutes of a drill there is no actual danger. For that reason, most building occupant choose the Get Out option listed in the protocol.

To get the most out of the drill, everyone is encouraged to go through all steps of the Assess Situation – Consider Options – Take Action process.

Once you have done that you can discuss how to enact one of the appropriate Response Options, Get Out – Hide – Fight.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do if the drill starts while I am in a portable classroom?

– The options of Get Out – Hide – Fight are still available to you when in a portable.
– If you choose Get Out, consider and discuss the ways to exit the portable and where to go once you are out.
– If you choose the Hide option, consider and discuss ways to secure or barricade the doors & windows to prevent someone from getting in.
– If you discuss the Fight option, consider what if available in the room to use to defend yourself.

 What should I do if I am in an open space such as the lobby, campus pub or cafeteria?

– The options of Get Out – Hide – Fight are still available to you when in these spaces.
– Most of these spaces are close to an exit so the taking the option to Get Out makes the most sense.
– Once outside, we recommend you gather together with others and discuss the options of Hide or Fight to get the most out of the drill.

What should I do if I am outside the building?

– If you are already outside the building when the drill starts you should wait outside until the drill is over.
– When the drill ends Security staff will make an announcement outside to inform you that the drill is over.
– A notification will also be sent out through the Fleming Safe mobile app.