Fire Drill (Planned) – COVID Procedures

In the event of an Unplanned Fire Alarm please refer to and follow the Emergency Procedures posted throughout campus buildings. The procedure outlined below is specifically for a Planned Fire Drill during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Fire Drill (Planned) COVID Procedures

During a Planned Drill, when you hear the fire alarm:
– Leave the building by the closest safe exit
– Close all doors behind you as you leave
– Move a safe distance from the building once outside
– Wait near the door you exited (DO NOT COME TO THE MAIN ENTRANCES)
– Maintain distance of 6ft/2m from others and wear your mask at all times
– Wait for the all clear signal before you re-enter the building
– Security and PRD Staff will patrol the outside of all buildings to open doors if you are locked out

Persons With Disabilities

For persons with disabilities or limitations which prevent you from evacuating the building during a fire alarm, please proceed to one of the following REFUGE AREAS and press the alert button on the wall. This button will activate a signal to inform responders that someone is awaiting assistance to evacuate.

View detailed procedures and list of Fire Refuge Locations