Evacuation Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who are living in a residence hall should:

  • Obtain fire safety instructions for residents who require evacuation assistance from the Housing Services office
  • Assess their ability to respond to the emergency procedures described in this document
  • Know how they will safely exit their room and building in a emergency when evacuation is appropriate (e.g. fire alarm sounding), keeping in mind that elevators on-campus should not be used during an evacuation and that automatic door opening devices will not operate when electrical power is lost
  • Determine whether special assistance by authorities would be necessary in the event of an emergency, and, if so, submit a current and detailed written request for any such assistance with their 24-hour Service Desk, asking at that time to be named on the Residence Evacuation Assistance List.
  • Identify another person (e.g. roommate, close friend) who would check on them in the event of an emergency
  • Register with the College’s Disability Support Services and receive staff assistance in planning for support of your academic and personal needs