Communicable Disease and Illness

Communicable diseases are diseases or illnesses that can be transmitted from one human to another, and include meningitis, influenza, pandemic flu,tuberculosis, chicken pox, SARS, among others.

If you have reason to believe you or someone you know may have contracted a communicable disease

  • Inform your loved ones
  • Consult with a personal physician or staff at the College Health Services
  • Immediately contact the College Health Services on-campus
  • If you live in residence, contact the Housing Services office.
  • Be prepared to identify your current state of health, any symptoms of illness or disease, all recent contacts with persons who may be exposed to a disease, etc.
  • Avoid contact with others

In the event of a communicable disease event on campus:

The College Emergency Response Team will be mobilized and begin meeting to plan immediate, near-term and long-term responses by multiple agencies of the College, including Health Services, President’s Office, College Communications, Housing Services (Residence), Counselling and Wellness and the Physical Resources Department.

College Health Services will consult with, and be advised by, the local Health Unit and municipal/provincial health department officials and perhaps by the Centers for Disease Control.

Emergency Response Team will use its communications resources and seek the help of media outlets to announce appropriate actions in response to the situation and as advised by the health agencies with whom consultation has occurred. College staff will be prepared to assist in actions such as medical quarantine of persons and/or certain facilities in order to prevent the spread of disease and stoppage of classes and closing of the College and the Residence facilities.