Loss of Electrical Power

Extreme emergencies such as major fire, tornado, extended power outage, epidemic, etc. may require the closing of a building(s), the interruption or suspension of classes, and the relocation of hundreds or thousands of students, whether for a relatively short period (e.g., hours, next day) or for an extended period (e.g., days or weeks).

If electrical power is lost in your residence hall:

  • Contact the Residence office, do not assume someone else has contacted the office
  • Stay calm; stay in your room or go to your room or other place where you feel safe and comfortable
  • Turn off and unplug computer, radio, television and all other personal belongings powered by electricity
  • Do not unplug your land-line telephone
  • Use a flashlight (cell phone); do not light candles or otherwise cause fire or flame
  • In most situations in residence halls, electrical power should be restored in a matter of minutes or hours
  • When power is restored, check equipment that you unplugged

Residence Staff and Campus Security will:

  • Be centrally located in the Residence Office
  • Be stationed at the entrances of all buildings to answer questions and assist with building access
  • Confirm there is back-up lighting in stairwells
  • Have additional flashlights available
  • Check on all suites

If a storm is approaching or you have other warning that electrical power could be lost:

  • Inform roommates, friends and neighbors and remind them of the safest places in your building to move to in the event a storm approaches campus (i.e., basement level or interior space within lower floor)
  • Listen to AM radio or television news or monitor the National Weather Service reports or other social media channels
  • Save work on your laptop or personal computer, then shut down your machine and disconnect it from the wall jack
  • Keep a flashlight handy
  • Unplug radio, appliances, television, etc. to avoid power surge problems
  • Avoid use of elevators on-campus (avoids being trapped in the event loss of electrical power shuts off the elevator)
  • Stay away from windows and glass