Suitemate Conflict Resolution Process

There may be times when students need to express some dissatisfaction regarding their suitemates’ actions within their residence suite. These ‘complaints’ may be in regards to conflicting personalities, violations of the suite agreement, cleanliness standards, or general concerns in regards to the duties of each suitemate is responsible for within the suite.

The Housing Department encourages residents to learn to talk about and resolve their complaint informally within the suite without having to solely rely on residence staff intervention. However, this may not be practical or appropriate.  As such there is a procedure that residence staff will follow, developed from best practices, to resolve suitemate conflicts.

The goal of this process is not to ensure all of the residents in a given suite get along; that is not practical or a reasonable outcome. The goal is to assist residents through the conflict resolution process and help set clear expectations, and sometimes boundaries, to allow residents to live together and resolve issues while pursuing their academic studies.

Given this approach, room transfers are a last resort and the Residence Manager, or designate will only consider this as an option when all other attempts to resolve the conflict have been exhausted.

What is the process? Suitemate Conflict Resolution Process Flowchart

What should I expect from a suite meeting?

Suitemate Conflict Resolution Process and Complaint Form