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Living in residence with suitemates can be one of the best experiences you have while at Fleming College. It’s a chance to develop deep friendships and share your College experience. For many, this is the first time you will be living with other students in a suite and you will need to learn how your behaviour and actions can both positively and negatively affect others

By choosing to live in residence students are given the opportunity to learn to live with others. This experience will require students to learn how to live away from home: including cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and budgeting money. Living in residence will also require students to learn to live and get along with others. To do so effectively they will need to learn how to share cleaning duties, to compromise, to listen and respect others, to appreciate people that live different ways, and to live within the boundaries of the residence community standards.


Getting Along with your Suitemates
Suitemate Resources
Suitemate Conflict: Tips & Suggestions
Suitemate Conflict Resolution Process and Complaint Form

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