Withdrawal & Move-Out Checklist

Once you decide to move out:

  1. Complete and submit the Residence Withdrawal Form. This form is only required if you are moving out with more than two weeks remaining in your contract term.

On move out day:   

  1. Move-out your belongings (from bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms)
  2. Clean your bedroom (wipe all surfaces/drawers and vacuum floor) and remove all belongings, garbage and recycling.
  3. Bring any donations of unopened nonperishable food, household items, or clothing to the office for donation
  4. Make sure:
    • your bedroom window is closed
    • your bedroom lights are off
    • your bedroom door is locked
  5. Check your mailbox
  6. Hand in your keys to:
    • Residence Office during business hours
    • On-duty staff after hours (residence life staff or campus security)
    • DO NOT leave your keys with a suitemate