Suitemate Conflict: Tips & Suggestions

We recognize that whenever people live together in close quarters, conflicting situations may arise. It is important to note that conflict is normal and should be expected in a communal living environment. It is an expectation that many of these situations within the residence can be resolved directly in a mature manner by the parties in conflict, without the help of Residence Life Staff.  However, in situations where this cannot be achieved, the Residence Life Staff will provide assistance.

Suitemate Conflict Tips

Our approach is to help residents to learn through experience how to get along with others in a living and learning residential setting. Residence Life Staff is available to assist suitemates to talk about their concerns in a respectful way, gain experience resolving interpersonal issues, and learn to live co-operatively in a shared living environment.

Here are a few suggestions to assist you in resolving conflict:

  • Discuss your concerns directly with the other resident(s) in a respectful manner.
  • If the issue concerns the entire suite, call a meeting with your suite to be able to have a constructive conversation in regards to the issue being presented.
  • Your Resident Assistant and Senior Resident Assistants are valuable resources in providing useful tips when experiencing conflict within your suite.
  • Complete a suitemate agreement and/or cleaning contract that identifies responsibilities for suitemates. These contracts are available at the Residence Office.
  • Don’t let things build up; try to clear things up instead of allowing the issue to become too large.
  • If you are not able to resolve suite issues, please contact the Residence Office a Resident Assistant or Senior Resident Assistant. In addition, you may complete a Suitemate Conflict Resolution Process and Complaint Form. A meeting can then be arranged with the Residence Manager or Residence Life Coordinator.
  • No roommate transfer requests will be granted unless the Suitemate Conflict Resolution process has been completed, which will include a Suite Meeting with the Residence Manager or Residence Life Coordinator has taken place. Only after a Suite Meeting has taken place and the Residence Office has deemed it necessary will room transfer requests be granted

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