Self-isolation means staying in your isolation space and avoiding all contact with others. People who are positive for COVID-19 or are deemed high-risk contacts by Public Health are required to self-isolate. Based on Public Health recommendations, do not leave your isolation space unless it is to seek immediate medical attention. Do not leave your isolation space for essentials or food – meals will be delivered to you. You cannot be within 2 meters of another person. A requirement for self-isolation will be under the direction of a health-care professional, public health order, or as mandated by government legislation. Residents arriving from international travel must self-isolate on arrival to Canada.


If you test positive for COVID19 or if you are aware that you are a low-risk contact of someone who is symptomatic and is awaiting test results, you will be required to self-monitor for 10 days after exposure. Self-monitoring includes making efforts to minimize contact with others, and monitor yourself for symptoms including fever, difficulty breathing, loss of smell or taste and others as outlined. If symptoms develop, you must seek medical attention immediately, get tested and would be required to enter self-isolation.

Positive Screening

The Ontario Ministry of Health has created a screening tool to use while self- monitoring. The screening tool will recommend next steps for you to take based on your self-described symptoms. Follow the instructions provided by the screening tool. A positive screening will likely result in the need for testing and self-isolation.

Positive Test Result

Should an individual test positive for COVID-19, a public health case manager will contract you and provide information on next steps. A positive COVID test result requires self-isolation for a minimum of 10 days, or as directed by a health care professional. Follow the instructions provided by the testing centre staff. You must communicate positive test results to Residence Life staff, ensuring that we can support you while isolating as quickly as possible.


A COVID-19 outbreak, should it occur, would be declared and managed by our local Public Health Unit. This typically involves more than one confirmed case of COVID-19. For the context of this plan it will include both campus and residence