Self-Isolation Protocol

If you develop symptoms while in residence or off-campus, are directed by a health care professional to self-isolate, or otherwise suspect that you may have COVID19:

1) Contact Fleming Campus Security ext. 4444 or if off campus, 705-749-5530 ext. 4444

  • Campus Security will assess the situation and provide instructions on what next steps to take.  This may include to contact a healthcare professional (Family Health Doctor, Telehealth) or local public health authority.
  • Complete the self-screening tool. Please click here to be directed to the Government of Canada, COVID self assessment tool.  If the result of the assessment is to get a COVID test, you must self-isolate and arrange for testing as soon as possible.

*Follow the instructions provided by the self-assessment tool regarding what to do while waiting *

  • If advised by Public Heath to self-isolate, you will remain in the isolation space until you receive direction from a health care professional to stop self-isolation (depending on test result, symptoms, and personal health factors).

2) Get tested for COVID-19: you must attend a testing center to receive a COVID-19 test as soon as possible. Bring your provincial health card to the testing site.

  • Peterborough Assessment Centre
  • Lindsay Assessment Centre
  • Once tested you must follow the instructions given to you by the testing center personnel.
  • You are responsible for obtaining your test result. This can be done either on the on-line portal or from the physician who ordered the test.

3) Contact Tracing

 Public Health will contact anyone who is a high-risk contact of a positive case of COVID- 19, and will advise of steps, which may include they self-isolate and get tested.