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Move-in day is so much better when there are students available to help do some of the lifting. We want the day to be as eventful and enjoyable as possible for families and you can be an important part of this. R.O.Cā€™s are helpful, providing information or directing new students to others that can assist them. R.O.Cā€™s also have an opportunity to promote and attend all on-campus and Residence Orientation Week events for free!

This is your opportunity to become a member of R.O.C. and to share your enthusiasm with other students.

Brief Job Description

Residence Orientation Crew

  • Provide assistance moving students into Residence on Move In Day
  • Provide information to students/parents about Fleming College/Fleming College Residence
  • Promote On-Campus and Residence Orientation Events
  • Attend On-Campus and Residence Orientation Events
  • Maintain correspondence with other volunteers and coordinator
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