Newsletter #5

Continue to make yourself a priority in 2021 

It’s 2021 – what do you want from this new year?  Why not take 21 minutes a day to do things that are good for your heart, health and soul, like … 

  • Read something educational, inspirational or intriguing 
  • Walk, and really notice your surroundings – there is a lot of beauty out there in the world 
  • Meditate – try free apps such as Insight Timer or Headspace 
  • Call a friend or family member – and really listen 
  • Colour – Colouring can be a good therapeutic way to unwind and relax (and feel free to colour outside the lines if it makes you happy!) 
  • Learn something new – check out Linkedin Learning 
  • Clean out a closet or cupboard and consider selling or donating what you no longer use 

Virtual Wall of Gratitude and Appreciation  

Remember to show your appreciation on the Virtual Wall of Gratitude & Appreciation, created by the Fleming Colleagues. Just like our Shout Out Board in the main lobby, the Colleagues have now made it as easy as a click of the finger to build each other up and bring us together. 

Follow this link to add your appreciation or gratitude to a fellow Fleming employee! 

Sustainable Lifestyles Workshop- February 10th 

Have you considered the impact your actions have on the planet? Have you thought about living a more sustainable lifestyle? OEHR and the Office of Sustainability are pleased to offer a lunch n’ learn workshop run by Random Acts of Green on Sustainable Lifestyles.  

This workshop examines key areas in how to grow more sustainable habits and how to encourage individuals to shift their choices that meet basic needs that provide a better quality of life and minimize the use of natural resources and emissions.   

The overall objective of this workshop will be to discuss some ways to successfully influence collectively acceptable behaviours and shape, reconstruct, challenge, and change perceptions and associated social norms to discourage unsustainable behavior and introduce, as well as encourage, more sustainable lifestyles through various research-drive behaviour change methods. Click here to learn more and register for this event! 


Linkedin Learning  

Interested in taking advantage of Linkedin Learning but don’t know where to start? Overwhelmed by all the content? Linkedin Learning is hosting a webinar to show users how they categorize and organize their content, how to leverage the platform to develop hard and soft skills, and concluded by a question-and-answer period. Click here to register for the webinar.