Employee Newsletter #3

Human Rights Day – December 10th

Did you know that December 10 is Human Rights Day? It marks the anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which was signed in 1948, and lays out inalienable and universal rights for all persons.

This year more than ever has shone a light on some of the inequities and systemic discrimination experienced by people in our own communities, from health inequities due to race and class, to an increased understanding of the disproportionate ways in which Black peoples in our communities are excluded or targeted at a systemic level.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what human rights mean to each of us and what role each of us has to play in ensuring that all members of our community have the same level of access, support, and resources.

For more information on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, watch this video.

Holiday Break

The holidays may look different for many of us this year – big family gatherings over video apps are just not the same (although it is easier to mute Uncle Fred when he gets a bit too over the top).  However, you plan to spend your holiday break, the OEHR team wishes you and yours the best of the season:  goodwill, good cheer, good times – and please stay safe!  Thinking about what to do over the extended break?  Here are some ideas to consider …

  • Feed your spirit – Learn something new, pick up a hobby, find a new appreciation for the arts, or virtually explore somewhere you have never been. Connect with family and friends – reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and catch up, or send the first ten people in your contacts a note or a text telling them how much they mean to you or what you most appreciate about them. (Lifting someone else up has a powerful positive effect on them and on you!)
  • Feed someone else’s spirit – Even with the current social distancing guidelines we can still give back in many ways within our communities. Drop off food or holiday gifts at your local food bank or fire station. Consider giving back throughout the year via payroll deductions- sign-up for the United Way Employee Campaign
  • Reflect – Try some mindfulness over the break; just a few minutes a day can impact your general wellbeing. Here is a mindfulness calendar that may be helpful.
  • Slow Down – It can be hard to unwind, even on leave, and often we’re tempted to keep busy even when we don’t need to be. This advice about slowing down may be useful.

Have you had a change in address, phone number, or emergency contact?

Don’t email OEHR and wait for us to make the changes – take advantage of self-service in Evolve!

  • Go to the MyCampus home at https://mycampus.flemingcollege.ca/group/portal/home
  • On the left side menu, click on Evolve Administrative Systems
  • Select the Navigator button in the top right hand corner ()
  • In the navigator, select My Self Service>Campus Personal Information>Addresses
  • Update your address using the edit button () and save
  • You can also update your phone number and emergency contact information the same way
  • We recommend you review this information on an annual basis to ensure it’s kept up to date

Visual learner?  Watch here.


Expenses associated with working from home are being addressed by the Canada Revenue Agency.  While details are still to come, employees working from home in 2020 due to COVID-19 will be able to claim up to $400 in related expenses without needing to track details and without a Form T2200 from their employer.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Networking in a Virtual World

As with most things, networking has changed due to the global pandemic.  Asking yourself how you can stay connected or grow your professional network while working from home with limited opportunities to meet new people? Networking can help with collaborating, career advancement, support from a professional community, personal growth and, now more than ever, a feeling of being connected. LinkedIN Learning has great content on building and managing your professional network – check it out!