OEHR Newsletter #2

Nine months in … feeling exhausted?

If you missed the all staff email from Esther Zdolec, VP, OEHR, regarding taking care of ourselves, check it out here.

Race, Racism, and Human Rights … Call It Out

Undoubtably over the past few months many of you have noticed the unprecedented media coverage related to systemic discrimination and specifically the inequities faced by Black and Indigenous peoples within our communities.

These necessary conversations have started to spread within the post-secondary environment and a lot of good work is being undertaken to examine systemic inequities, including at Fleming. Some of you may be interested in these topics but aren’t sure exactly how to engage in the conversation. An important first step is taking responsibility for our own learning.

Everyone is encouraged to check out this 30-minute eCourse on race, racism, and human rights, titled Call It Out. The course offers a foundation for learning about race, racial discrimination and human rights protections under Ontario’s Human Rights Code. The course offers a historical overview of racism and racial discrimination, explains what “race,” “racism” and “racial discrimination” mean, and provides approaches to preventing and addressing racial discrimination.


Looking to Build New Skills or Professional Development?

Check out LinkedIn Learning – choose from a broad selection of high quality on-line training on a large array of topics, at no cost to you and available via single sign-on.

Want your group benefit claims reimbursed faster?

Submit your claim online!  Never submitted a benefit claim online? Want to know how to track a claim? Learn how here.

* New * Sun Life electronic beneficiary designation

As of November 30th, employees enrolled with life insurance through the College will be able to view and update their beneficiary information using Sun Life’s Digital Beneficiary tool at www.mysunlife.ca.

It is important to review and ensure your life insurance beneficiaries are up-to-date.  If you haven’t already, please register on mysunlife.ca so that you can access your beneficiary information, submit claims online, and check your claims history.

Remember, you can access your plan Member ID by visiting the Fleming Portal, then My Self Service > Benefits > Sun Life Member ID.

Here is a link to a short 3 minute tutorial on using the digital beneficiary tool.

Finding it hard to get your point across in virtual meetings?

The communication tactics we once used in the face-to-face meetings don’t always translate into the virtual world. The Harvard Business Review provides guidance on how to elevate your presence in a virtual meeting. Some of this advice includes focusing on the camera and not your colleagues, maintaining a strong voice, being present and mindful, and turning off distractions.

Want to know how to rock a virtual interview?

As video interviews become the new normal in recruitment, we all need to adjust our interview preparation practices to put our best foot forward.  From preparing our space (lighting, privacy / lack of distractions, and so on) to preparing ourselves (professional attire, practicing “eye contact” on video, and so on), helpful tips can be here.

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