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Welcome to the new OEHR newsletter!

This is the spot where you’ll find updates that affect or might be of interest to employees, links to resources, opportunities to weigh in on questions, and news on what’s coming up.  This is our first edition so consider it a test run, along with the next several issues, and send us your constructive feedback on what works, what you’d change (include adds and deletes), and what else would be of value.  All constructive suggestions will be considered and acknowledged.




OEHR Newsletter – November 2020

Ever Wonder … what unconscious biases lurk deep in your subconscious?  We all have them – we pick them up as children, or later in life, without even realizing we’ve got them.  And we use them as filters that we’re not aware of either.  Harvard University, along with other researchers in the field, have developed a series of free, open-access “Implicit Association Tests” or IATs.  They allow us to do a confidential self-assessment to find out what biases we might not even be aware of – and since awareness is the first step toward change, why not take a few minutes to satisfy your curiosity – you can access them here. Let us know what you think here! 

Calling All Health & Wellness Employees 

If you work in the health and wellness field at Fleming take advantage of San’yas, our Indigenous Cultural Safety program.  Now more than ever we need to respect and understand the unique history of the Indigenous populations we serve.   The limited number of seats that are available have been reserved primarily for those in the School of Health & Wellness.  Contact pd@flemingcollege.ca today to sign up.

Career Corner 

Career advisors often tell us to customize our resume for the specific role to which we’re applying.  That’s good advice.  In addition, however, all of us should have an up-to-date “master” resume – a version where we capture all of our accomplishments, new skills we acquire, additional credentials … a central place from which we can pull together a job-specific resume quickly and easily.  And, make sure you can add one or two key accomplishments each year to maintain your edge in a competitive job market! 

In the struggle or just need some extra support? 

Check this out, a free, on-line cognitive behavioural therapy program created by MindBeacon and Morneau Shepell. Change the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that are getting in your way, including a special program to help you address anxiety symptoms related to the unique and changing pandemic circumstances.

@Home Ergonomics 

After seven months of working from home, we’ve either figured out how to set up our workspaces for efficiency and comfort or we’re dealing with some aches and pains from sub-optimal set-ups.  Check out our Fleming Health & Safety team’s Your Home Workspace Working from Home – Ergonomics page for quick tips, videos, stretching resources, and more.

Food for Thought

Looking for ways to recognize your team members/colleagues or others?  How to provide positive feedback without sounding awkward?  Ideas on how to celebrate wins, big and small?  Check out this resource from the Achievers Workforce Institute – 38 Employee Appreciation Quotes to Recognize Others

And last, but not least … what’s one thing you can do this week to move one step closer to your goals and what’s one thing you can do to support someone else in reaching their goals?

Care to share?  Contact us here.